Super Financial Advisers

Financial Planning

Today, finding the best investment advice is not easy. When you do a little bit of research online, you will find lots of conflicting information, and deciding on the advice to follow can be an uphill task. Our experienced, knowledgeable, and certified financial advisors offer a plethora of investment management services, including portfolio management and asset allocation.

As one of the most celebrated investment advisors in the modern market, we invest our every-growing clientele populace in a broad array of investment classes so that we can balance investment risk with tax efficiency and long-term returns.

What makes us unique is that we only invest our customers in assets with high liquidity. This simply means that once you decide to trade your investment, you can get your money in 24-72 hours. We also invest clients in assets that are transparent, which simply means their current price is available in multiple sources. Some of these assets include EFT’s, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and more!

Remember, we are a fiduciary firm; hence we have zero conflicts of interest in regards to third-party compensation. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we have a duty to act in our clients’ best interest.

Wealth Management Case Study

Our Clients James and Jane are a couple in their mid-50s. They run a booming business together. They have two kids, Jack and Jasmine, and parents in their late 70’s. When they approached our team for financial advice, James and Jane had various seemingly competing financial goals.

They wanted to prepare adequately to put their children to college in three years.  They also wanted to be able to support their parents as they age. Additionally, they wanted to realize their life-long dream of owning a lakefront property where they could gather with their loved ones in future summers,

This couple was concerned about the risk of miscalculating or overspending on any of these priorities. They feared not achieving one or all their goals. They also wanted advice on how their life would change if they chose to sell their business.

The Solution

One of our wealth Advisors sat down with the couple and took them through our comprehensive discovery process in order to understand their situation. He uploaded their financial data, which include their income and expenses, business, home, assets, and liabilities, to our cutting-edge financial planning platform. He then developed a base case financial plan showing this couple where they stood in relation to their goals and objectives.

Our wealth advisor proposed a number of alternative scenarios that would help this couple develop rapidly. He projected that if they decided to sell their business, their financial assets would allow them to enjoy their retirement, and they would leave a substantial estate for their kids.

Once this couple was convinced that they would have enough cash flow to finance their children’s education and they would have enough cash flow to support their parents, they were happy they could turn their attention into buying their dream vacation home. They felt happy that they now had a clear path that would help them achieve their financial objectives.

Our wealth advisor meets with this couple twice every year, and we can report that they are doing great financially! These meetings are aimed at ensuring their investment portfolio is aligned to their financial goals.