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Estate Planning

Are you looking for a firm that can help you with all your estate planning requirements, such as tax planning, wills, and more? Is finding such a firm proving to be challenging? Worry no more! We understand that you have made the necessary investments in your lifetime, and you are assured of an enjoyable investment. However, you need someone to protect your wealth and help you create a legacy. This is where we come in!

Our team understands that due to the complicated and ever-changing tax landscape, estate planning is essential in protecting your hard-earned wealth. This is why we go out of our way to work with you and your loved ones to ensure your family’s lifetime accumulation of wealth is preserved and protected for future generations.

Our experienced estate planning professionals explore potential gaps between your existing estate plan and your will. If you don’t have an estate plan, we work with your trust and estate attorney to develop a document that outlines your strategic and purposeful distribution of wealth.

Estate Planning Case Study

Our Clients Clement and Joan retired five years after they began working with us. Both of them had successful executive careers that allowed them to accumulate over $10 million in investment assets managed by our firm. They both had no worries about enjoying a great retirement, but they had one major non-financial struggle.

This couple has two adult children – Clinton – who runs a successful business and is married, and Simeon, who has a condition that has made it hard for him to hold on to jobs all his life. He is divorced and a father of two young girls.

Clement and Joan had written a conventional will about ten years ago and had divided their wealth evenly among their two children. However, they are now concerned that when the time comes, Simeon may not be in a capacity to handle a large bequest. They wanted to make sure that their bequest to Simeon was used to educate and support his kids.

The Solution

The couple reached out to one of our estate planning professionals for advice. For one year, our expert worked with Clement and Joan together with their trust & estate attorney to develop a revocable living trust which left them in full control of their assets for as long as they are alive.

On their passing, assets will be transferred to their new trusts, Clinton and Simeon. Each trust is created with a clear and comprehensive description of intent for the use of the assets and spending limits of the funds. After weighing the benefits and drawbacks of a professional trustee vs. a family friend or relative, Clement and Joan chose to make Clinton the trustee of Simeon’s trust, a decision they were both comfortable with.

It’s worth noting that we are not attorneys and cannot draft a will for you. Nonetheless, we are experienced in helping clients draft objectives based on their unique financial plan to review with their trust and estate attorney. We review drafts of estate documents to ensure that our client’s goals and objectives are incorporated and that the administration of trust will run conveniently.